Swine Flu

Message from NHS Purchasing concerning Agency staff – Frontline Swine Flu immunization programme.
NHS Employers have not issued any guidance regarding agency staff. We will be seeking guidance from them and will forward this on to you when received. In the meantime we would expect anyone who considered themselves to be at risk to approach their GP or the substantive NHS trust that they are working in.


Agency Care Staff in Great Demand as Full-Time Vacancies Rise, care Staff and other medical staff Vacancies in the UK have increased for the first time in five years, according to new figures from the NHS Information Centre. ....

Measles and Mumps requirements for Agency Staff

firefox All agency nurses working in the UK must be fully compliant with Department of Health Measles and Mumps requirements to be eligible for work with Sonia Heway. The Department of Health has written to Trusts to inform them that all healthcare professionals should be able to prove immunity. Candidates will need to produce written evidence in the form of a compliant certificate of fitness. This requires that candidates have the following evidence available: proof of positive antibody for Measles and Rubella; or that they have received two MMR Vaccinations; or that they have received a series of two Measles, Rubella and Mumps Vaccinations (6 in total). Also, if a candidate has a positive antibody for Measles and Rubella but his or her mumps are negative or equivocal then appropriate action must be taken as mumps immunity is still necessary. For further details contact us.