Sonia Heway is specialised in dementia care and recognsing patients with dementia on our assessment undertaken. Dementia is mainly affects elderly people from age of 65.

There are about 540,000 people with dementia in England and one in three people cares for the person with dementia in their lifetime.


Our Aim

1. Equality and Diversity: We aim to deliver equal quality of care provision to our clients with dementia.
2. Co-ordination and Continuity of Care: Our team ensures effective co-ordination of carers to meet our clients needs and provide care for dementia patients for a long period of time. Our staffs are trained with Dementia and undertake refreshers training annually.
3. Care Plan: We generate a personalised robust care plan for all our service users with dementia.

Our Work

Assessment: We respect and value the background of all our clients. Our work is to be able to identify our client’s needs at their stages of dementia. An Assessment is conducted within 48 hours after commencement date of care.
Care And Support: Our carers are DBS checked to care for patients and understand the depth of Dementia. We work hand in hand together with our clients to support them with their needs.
Reviews: We continually improve our services delivered to our clients. We majorly focus on reviewing the quality of care provision, changes to care needs and monitoring of care. We highly value the feedback from our service users to improve on our services.